Water Management

As we all know, water is a precious resource that is quickly becoming less and less sustainable, especially here in the desert.  Agave tries to ensure that our water supply lasts as long as possible by implementing strict water management tactics in every community we install and maintain.

Water management begins with the correct installation of irrigation equipment to prevent leaks and equipment failure down the road.  Agave’s Irrigation techs are all trained to use and repair each brand of equipment sold by our irrigation vendors, thus ensuring all equipment is installed and maintained properly.

Once it’s in the ground, Agave manages the watering schedules with expert accuracy, adjusting the clocks based on weather patterns, evapo-transpiration rates and other varying environmental patterns.

Weekly monitoring of not only the irrigation clocks, but also the water usage meters, ensures we stay within the parameters set for a healthy landscape and a healthy budget!  Adjustments are made accordingly to level out any variances from week to week.

Not only do the weekly checks help in the regulation of water expenditure, they also aid in finding and repairing leaks!  Continuous monitoring reveals any spikes in usage thus creating awareness of the possibility of a problem on a meter by meter basis.  The problem could be as simple as kids manually turning on valves, but can sometimes expose problems that are or have the possibility of becoming more severe.  Weekly checks make certain that these problems are taken care of quickly before they become more serious.

Our Water Management Services include:

  • Bi-weekly meter readings
  • Monthly Usage reports
  • 24 hour/7 days a week on-call Irrigation Technicians
  • Automatic irrigation shut off during periods of moderate to heavy precipitation
  • Monthly usage comparisons and evaluations
  • Regular Head and Valve checks to ensure optimal settings
  • Professional repair and installation by certified Techs