About Us

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Our Story

Prior to 1990, Founders and Owners, Mike McMahon and Rob Brown worked in many facets of the landscape industry during and after completion of their education.  Having worked for several landscape companies in various capacities, they felt they were ready and able to venture out on their own.  Both partners, though from different backgrounds and experiences in the industry, complimented each other perfectly.

At that time, the industry was in serious need of innovation and professional improvements.  With the necessity for computerization of estimating and scheduling, inventory controls and best accounting practices industry-wide, the two had found their niche.  Implementations of these practices, along with new techniques in native plant removal and installation, distribution and control of water paved the way for the success of the company.  With the founders’ education and background in the industry, the two believed they could penetrate the market, offering unmatched value to clients in need of something more than the industry had to offer until this point.

Unfortunately, both men were introduced to the entry boundaries of starting up a new venture.  The three main boundaries were capital (neither had any), a loyal client base for the new organization and the problem of attracting and retaining staff with inconsistent work flow.  The first three years in business came with very low profits (used to pay taxes and fuel for the next year’s growth), no salary and very long work weeks.  But with perseverance, quality workmanship and professional administration the company gained a solid reputation and a foothold within a few niches.  Although salvaging native plants, as a percentage of sales, now is not high, Agave began to earn more work from developers looking for expertise with native landscapes which continually evolved the company’s key customer relationships in both the native and non-native landscape realms.

As the Arizona economy continued to flourish, Agave found itself at the right place at the right time for the projects that Agave targeted.  This continuous metamorphosis led the young businessmen to become experts in what is now the largest collection of Master Planned Communities in Arizona.  Their foundation, determination and solid education, proved to be the ultimate driving force behind the success of Agave Environmental Contracting, Inc.